Title: What is required of one to speak the Queen's English?

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Text: English is the global language of business. 2 billion people around the world regularly speak in English. It is the first language of Britain, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa - to name a few - and is the commonly adopted second language in countries such as India, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Ask yourself: can you afford not to learn it?

You might be trying to do something about it now. Maybe you have a text book or you're occasionally reading something in English but language learning has to be so much more active for it to sink in.

I've been teaching English around the world, including at some of the top language schools in the U.K., for over 10 years. I've seen scores of motivated learners spend hours and hours trying to learn English but without improving very quickly.

Sub heading: Rapid, focused improvements

Cosimo moved from Italy to Australia a year ago and soon wanted to get a level 6.5 in his IELTS to help achieve his Citizenship in Australia. He booked a 6 session course with me and his English started rapidly improving. Each week, I would work on a different skill from Listening to Reading to Writing to Speaking and each week I would set him homework challenges to ensure that he started the next lesson more informed, more fluent, more able to articulate his experiences. I encouraged him to watch Australian TV, to listen to the radio and read the newspaper, and this, combined with the input I was giving him, made him more confident to practise his English at work. Cosimo progressed from a level 5 to a level 6.5 and is on track to building a very happy new life in Australia.

Sub heading: Boost your self confidence

Galina would be the first to admit that she came to me with a distinct lack of confidence. She moved from Russia to Scotland with a reasonable grasp of English but was terrified of speaking in social situations, or at work, in case she made mistakes. After 3 sessions with me, in which I equipped her with the phrases she needed for many of the situations she would encounter and role played to test her, she felt a renewed sense of optimism in her ability to communicate effectively in English.

Sub heading: What sets EE's online tuition apart

  1. Every second counts - whilst other online instructors will waste time by simply reading through materials that you could do for yourself, outside of the lesson, every moment of your EE course will be challenging and therefore, you will be learning at all times.

  2. On target teaching - for each course of lessons booked, you will receive a free 10 minute consultation, ensuring that EE are aware of your targets and can plan your sessions accordingly.

  3. Extra support - each course comes complete with a programme of study that will direct you to specific homework tasks to improve your English. This is catered to your individual targets but may include speaking / listening / reading / writing tasks.

  4. Helpful feedback - each week you will receive detailed feedback on the homework tasks completed

  5. Trained native speakers - we will help you to eloquently speak the English language as it is currently spoken

  6. Achievement celebrated - on completion of your course, you will be able to download a certificate to commemorate your achievement with advice on how to continue improving your English

  7. Risk free - If, after your first lesson, you decide that EE is not for you, you are entitled to a refund of all remaining lessons paid for.

Join the 2 billion English speakers around the world. Position yourself in the global marketplace by being able to communicate eloquently in English. Open yourself up to new experiences, new friends and new horizons.

Then the page divides in half - on the left hand side of the page we now have info for the 3 lesson course, on the right is for the 6 lesson course

Left side: Click button - help me to speak English at work and in social situations - £150 paypal

- clicking button goes straight to paypal?

Included: 10 minute free consultation

3 x 1 hour appointments via skype

              Personalised programme of home study  

             Certificate of completion

              Post course suggestions for future development

Right side: click button - sort my English out fast - £250 paypal

Included: 10 minute free consultation

6 x 1 hour sessions on Skype

               Personalised programme of home study

               an EE postcard sent to anywhere in the world with helpful tips

               Certificate of completion

               Post course suggestions / reminders

P.S. You have the chance now to work with one of the most popular English teachers on the planet - to receive their undivided attention to help you make the improvements you need to make. If you seriously want to speak good English, for social or business reasons, are you willing to do what it takes?

Hope this makes sense. Do let me know if any questions. Very much appreciating the time and effort you are putting into this.

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